Laurie Meyer
Thursday, November 17 - Sunday, November 20, 2022


I am first a teacher and second an artist.  Long before I became a professional painter, I was an English teacher; communicating clearly and concisely has always come easily.  I bring to you my love of teaching and my love of oil painting.  I have been an artist for 27 years and an instructor for 15 years.  I hold regular classes in my studio and have also taught in Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Maine and many other places.  I am an owner of the Meyer Vogl Gallery in Charleston and on Daniel Island.  


This workshop will focus on my first love - painting direct and secondary light and shadows.  Nature provides all we need to see, but sensitizing our eyes to the brilliance of natural light can be tricky.  Mixing colors and applying them to canvas is even tricker.  Painting in plein air is the perfect classroom to gain the vocabulary, understand the colors, and apply the paint.  Be prepared to learn new terms such as *occlusion shadow* to help direct you to natural color mixes.  By the end of the workshop you will have a clearer understanding of what it is you actually see in terms of light and shadow and will have practiced mixing the colors to give you the correct impression.  Paint application, edges, and composition will be folded into the instruction.