Fallon Peper is an oil painter living and painting in Charleston, SC. She has studied in the US and Europe with several renowned artists that inspire her most. Her work hangs in various private collections throughout the states. She recently obtained her first cooperate collector: MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children’s Hospital in Charleston, SC. She is a member of the American Impressionist Society and American Women Artists. Fallon is the Founder and Program Director for Field & Flow, a plein air painting retreat, which brings together artists for oil instruction and community building. Fallon’s studio is located just north of Shem Creek in Mt Pleasant, a suburb of Charleston, but you can often find her painting by a Lowcountry marsh or beach where she is most inspired.


Artist Statement

My ultimate goal is to capture the energy of my subject matter as it is felt in person. I believe that this energy is best expressed visually and that the most fascinating works of art transfer this energy to their audience.


I am inspired by light and color. I strive to create works of art with captivating contrasts in value and vibrant color combinations. My paintings currently consist of capturing coastalscapes and still life. Big cumulus clouds above a marsh or beach and florals next to some Charleston Farmers Market finds are like shrimp to my grits.


My focus remains making every brushstroke expressive and intentional. I live and create from my studio in Charleston, South Carolina and out en plein air wherever my heart's eye leads me. 






"Have you ever connected with someone via email and knew they could be a real life friend? That is exactly how I feel about Fallon and her artwork! Fallon paints exactly how she communicates with clients- with joy, love, and enthusiasm! I started collecting Fallon's pieces after my best friend mentioned to me that she was obsessed with a local Charleston artist. Being a good friend (of course!), I planned to surprise her with one of Fallon's pieces as a wedding gift. Fallon took amazing care of me when I ordered my first piece BUT I was in a huge dilemma when the painting arrived at my house... I was in LOVE with the painting I was suppose to give to my best friend. What was I to do? Well, I commissioned a second painting just for me! Fallon was amazing and painted a second painting within the next week. You know you are giving a beautiful gift when you want to keep it for yourself. Since then, I have worked with Fallon again and every experience is better than the last. Fallon pours her heart and soul into each piece. Each piece radiates life and each piece is a beautiful reflection of her passion for creating."         - Natalie

"I had been looking into buying my first pieces of art for a while, but I couldn’t find anything that quite caught my eye.  By chance, I stumbled, on Fallon’s collection and her art spoke to me.  I didn’t hesitate to buy my first piece and almost immediately after I bought my second then third! The quality of work was absolutely stunning; true masterpieces.  I found out not only was her art second to none, but also the person behind the work! When Fallon found out a hurricane hit my home town she selfishly auctioned off one of her originals to donate the proceeds to a victim who was devastated by the storm.  Fallon is a fabulous artist, but also has a huge heart.  She isn't just selling art, she is helping create memories." -Heath

"Fallon is a storyteller with a paintbrush! She has the incredible ability to see the sincerity and magic in a moment and then to use that energy to create vibrant, colorful, soulful work. She was made to be an artist - a creator. Not to mention, she is just about the gosh-darn sweetest woman you'll ever meet. It's a privilege to be a collector of her work - to have a first-class seat on this beautiful journey." -Taylor

Workshop Students:

"Fallon's plein air workshop was one of the best I've ever taken - both enlightening and lots of fun! She is an excellent teacher, a highly skilled and well trained artist and a delight to be around." -Juliet


"You'd be so proud how confidently I walk up to a canvas and put paint on it now, Fallon!  After our studio lesson, the mystery of "HOW DO THEY DO THAT?" is gone!  Seriously the best part of it all was painting side by side with you and watching (ok, copying) you.  THANK YOU!!  My inner painter wannabe is now a real life artist!" -Kim